Review of The Christmas Secret by Donna VanLiere

The Christmas Secret is a moving novel by Donna VanLiere about a struggling single mother named Christine. She has two young children and holds out hope for love and happiness, despite a spiteful ex and financial problems.

Christine Struggles to Maintain Hope Through the Holidays

Christine’s ex husband threatened to take her children; her last few Christmas presents were stolen and she lost her job and home. Almost every time it seemed all hope was lost, a miracle occurred for Christine. It sounds a little too coincidental, but Donna VanLiere makes it work for those willing to suspend belief in The Christmas Secret.

Christine works long and strange hours as a waitress and barely makes the rent, which eventually ends up getting her evicted. During this time she also saves an elderly woman named Judy, who happens to be an employee of Wilson’s department store.

Other Characters in The Christmas Secret

Marshall Wilson sends his grandson Jason to thank her for saving the woman, but in the meantime Christine had been fired so couldn’t be found. Her hours and pay made it difficult to find a reliable babysitter, which interfered with her job.

Jason initially appears to be a spoiled rich kid until Marshall takes him under his wing and teaches him the importance of getting to know everyone he works with. He has an active love life, but there’s no actual love involved with it. Jason longs for something deeper and eventually opens up his heart to discover true love.

Christine’s faith is contagious and she manages to befriend an unapproachable single mother who’s lost her children and struggles with addictions. This enables her to focus on helping someone else and makes her realize that someone always has it worse.

Donna VanLiere weaves these characters together skillfully with a depth that shows understanding of people from all walks of life. She draws on her own experience with friends and family who are/were single parents or addicts with an emotional and accurate effect. The Christmas Secret (St. Martins Press, ISBN: 978-0-312-55836-9) is a nice warm story that includes reminders about the importance of keeping things in perspective and how it’s never too late to find love.

About Donna VanLiere

Donna VanLiere is a popular speaker and the best selling author of the Christmas Hope series (The Christmas Secret, The Christmas Shoes, The Christmas Blessing and The Christmas Hope). Three Christmas movies that are based on these novels are set to premiere on Sunday December 13. For more information see

She’s also written a touching memoir Finding Grace and the novel The Angels of Morgan Hill. All of VanLiere’s stories contain the uplifting message that regardless of how hopeless things seem; if people maintain faith, things will get better.

Merry Christmas To You All! Hope This Christmas And New Year Brings A Lot of Good Memories To You 🙂