Hosting the Perfect Christmas Lunch

Christmas is upon the nations the world over and the stress of the festive season is taking effect on even the most experienced of hosts.

For any host, catering for family and friends on Christmas day is a stressful undertaking and, but for a first time host, it is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. However, with good planning and a little enthusiasm, it is possible to have an extraordinary Christmas lunch for friends and family to remember.

Get Organised and Get Things Done Early

Forward planning is crucial in achieving anything. Send invitations out early and request RSVPs to be sent back in order to be certain of the number of people to cater to. There’s nothing more frustrating than to cook for more people than required.

For the menu, buy fresh vegetables two or three days before Christmas day and store in a cool place. Aim to fill the vegetable basket with a good selection festive treats like red chicory, Carrots, parsnips and Brussels sprouts which add extra flavour to Christmas lunch. As a good addition to Christmas lunch, include popular food like smoked ham alongside the traditional turkey and ‘pigs in blankets’.

Dress To Impress (The Table that Is)

They say first impressions last. They also count for everything. So let the table do the talking this Christmas by decorating it with simple colours like red, green, silver or gold which really denote festive season. As an example, opt for a rustic red table runner against a cream or gold table cloth and math them with similar placemats and coasters. Adorn the table with slim gold candles and two or three matching berry sparkle centrepieces.

Wine glasses really complete the look of the table setting at Christmas. Use tall wine glasses alongside champagne flutes to make the table look elegant and eye-catching. Impress guests with a creative spirit by experimenting with some napkin folding designs. Tulips are particularly easy to make and never fail to add to the whole feel of the setting.

Charming Tunes of the Festive Spirit

When it comes to Christmas listening, carols are just part of the charm. Get a selection of festive songs ready for guests to unwind to while they enjoy their meal. Canadian country singer, Anne Murray, offers a classy rendition of festive tunes in What a Wonderful Christmas while Christmas Cocktail Pt 2 comes as a vintage treat from Capitol/EMI Records.

Hosting a Christmas lunch is a big task but it’s not impossible. Guests are most impressed by true hospitality. Treat each guest to a little present by putting a small personalised gift on their plates before sitting them down at the table. Alternatively, create a big homemade hamper containing a selection of gifts.

Merry Christmas To You All! Hope This Christmas And New Year Brings A Lot of Good Memories To You 🙂