De-Stress Over the Christmas Holidays

How to Enjoy the Festive Season with Ease

The busyness of the Christmas holidays can be overwhelming and stressful for many. Being in a state of ease, acceptance and amusement can make it more enjoyable.

The hustle bustle of the festive season of trying to fit extra shopping, driving and social visits into such a short period of time, can be exhausting. Taking time for self, setting healthy boundaries and adopting uplifting attitudes helps to de-stress over the Christmas holidays.

Why Christmas is Stressful

There are wonderful aspects to the Christmas holidays. People open their hearts to family, friends and strangers on a deeper level. Fun festivities take place all month. Many deepen their spiritual connections. Sparkling lights adorn the streets. And let’s not forget about the giving and receiving gifts. Yet there is a down side to this festive season as well.

Purchasing gifts can create financial pressure, wanting to be at two places at the same time can be frustrating, not wanting to attend certain events but feeling obliged is burdensome, waiting in long line-ups and traffic jams is stressful, not having a special someone to share Christmas with can be heartbreaking, and the list goes on.

Underneath all of this though are thoughts and attitudes which trigger feelings – pleasant and unpleasant ones. Concern about being late for an event while stuck in a traffic jam or long store line-up can lead to anger and frustration. Resisting attending a holiday party triggers resentment. Judgment of an irritating relative creates hostility. To stay relaxed and feel good requires a shift in perspectives.

How to Enjoy the Festive Season

Accepting that there will be long line-ups and delays, too many events to attend, and difficult encounters with family and relatives, eases expectations and reduces resistance, bringing immediate relief. In addition to accepting situations and people as they are, here are additional ways to de-stress and enjoy the festive season.

  • Be amused. Laughter lightens any situation, so rather than begrudging uncomfortable situations or difficult people, view it through the perspective of a comedy, comic strip or cartoon. See the humorous side of things.
  • Give to self. Christmas is often a time of giving to others, but if it is done to the point of exhaustion it doesn’t serve anyone. To avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed take time to give to self, whether it is a pampering massage, a walk out in nature, or a nap in the afternoon; it will rejuvenate your energy so there is more to share with others.
  • Stay at ease. Rushing around, trying to get things done, and doing them from a place of effort is stressful and tiring. Adopting a state of ease, no matter what is going on externally, relaxes the mind and body, which supports situations and events to flow more smoothly.
  • Set boundaries: People tend to drop their boundaries around the Christmas holidays, feeling obliged to attend office parties and family gatherings. This only leads to more stress and discomfort. It’s healthier for people to check in with themselves before agreeing to other’s requests or to attend events to see what is best for them. Saying no to people and situations that aren’t fulfilling or nourishing frees up energy to say yes to things that are.

Staying separate from the busyness of the Christmas holidays by being in a state of ease, taking time for self, finding amusement and setting healthy boundaries, will make this festive season much more enjoyable. For additional tips on how to de-stress read, Survive Christmas Holiday Stress with a Positive Attitude.

Merry Christmas To You All! Hope This Christmas And New Year Brings A Lot of Good Memories To You 🙂