A Go Fish Christmas: Snow

Jamie Statema, Jason Folkamnn, and Andy Selness are Go Fish, one of the music industry’s more unique acts. Their concerts for kids are hugely popular, but with “Snow,” their tight harmonies and percussive treats will reach the adults too. “Snow” is an entertaining mix of original songs and Christmas classics tweaked by the acappella arrangements of Go Fish, a Christmas album for the whole family.

It starts immediately with the funky doo-wop take on “Joy to the World,” and their fresh up-tempo spin on “We Three Kings” seals the deal. A baby’s cooing opens the “Away in a Manger/Beautiful Savior” medley before you are swept away by the group’s stellar harmonies, tight enough to float a boat.

Their four original songs are for the most part upbeat pop tunes, catchy and energetic. I liked “It’s About the Cross” the best, addressing, of course, the true meaning of the holiday, doing it smoothly through tight layered harmonies and worshipful lyrics. The unapologetic “Christmas With a Capital “C” includes snippets of Brad Stine’s comedy riff on the rampant PC-ness of our culture and its gutless “Happy Holiday” greeting. Some might find its in-your-face style a bit much, but you can’t argue his point.

Here’s a Christmas confession of my own: I’m sick of “The Little Drummer Boy.” I get it, I get it, he gave what he had. But it’s been done to death already. But Go Fish may have cured me. Their second half of their teched-out rendition breaks into an intriguing joy-jam with a mid-eastern feel that just swings, no cuteness whatsoever. The album closes out with the piano-driven big finish, “My Jesus I Love Thee,” its soaring vocals and dramatic crescendo the perfect celebratory Christmas closer. “Snow,” releasing on October 10th, will be a hit with both kids and parents.

Merry Christmas To You All! Hope This Christmas And New Year Brings A Lot of Good Memories To You 🙂